Ex-Arsenal Boss, Wenger, to Drill Flames – Nyamilandu

Ex-Arsenal Boss, Wenger, to Drill Flames – Nyamilandu

Former Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger is set to come to Malawi to drill the Flames, if a promise by the country’s FA Walter Nyamilandu – Manda is anything to go by.

Nyamilandu made the announcement on Twitter barely a week after retaining the FAM Presidency at the weekend.

He claims to have engaged Head of FIFA Technical Services, Wenger, in a conversation to consider assessing the Malawi National team, Flames, in a bid to improve the team’s style of play.

Nyamilandu- Manda – who is in Qatar attending the Club World Cup – posted the announcement on his Twitter account Wednesday evening. 

‘The Experts Are Coming’

“Why not help us with a winning philosophy? Just had a fruitful discussion with the Head of FIFA Technical to conduct an assessment of Malawi football with the view of devising a solution that can improve our style of play. Watch the Space. The experts are coming.”

In his earlier campaign, Nyamilandu claimed he would help the Flames improve their quality of play to the standards similar to those of Barcelona.

Analysts unanimously say his ambitious idea flopped. 

 Nyamilandu’s fortunes to see his dream come to fruition may be in the hands of the former Arsenal boss.

 Wenger was Arsenal team manager between 1996 to 2018.

He is so far the longest-serving and most successful coach in the club’s history.


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