About Destroyed Men in Relationships

About Destroyed Men in Relationships

29 Things: A New Book to Help Shape Men

It couldn’t get any better – after publishing 3 books, Malawian author-cum-motivational speaker Vera Kamtukule recently added to her collection another book: “29 Things That Destroy Good Men” just before the close of the year.

According to Kamtukule, her new book is inspired by the thought and drive towards building quality relationships in society.

“Being a firm believer that marriages do not break up because of big issues, I wanted to share important tenets that build good relationships which can help reduce divorce cases.

“Imagine, how things like unforgiveness, selfishness and stubbornness cause marital troubles. We can do better if we learn how to address such issues,” said Kamtukule.

Furthermore, she indicated that most times men are called names and blamed when a relationship fails, yet some acts by women re-shape men to act bad.

“Women rarely have a privilege of knowing that men want an association, lack of this knowledge makes women think men don’t appreciate, are not loving and bent at fault finding.

Kamtukule: Better Relationships Depend On a Lot

“However, failure to know what men want or expects from their woman often leads to building or unveiling of unwanted characters in the man,” she said.

The book which has been published by Lilongwe-based Design Printers.

It is being sold at Mzuzu Pharmacy and La Gallarie in Lilongwe.

Kamtukule, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Malawi Scotland Partnership, has also authored other books namely: Made to Bloom, Absalomic Loss and Professional Woman.

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