Allowance Syndrome: Govt to Revise Incentives, Punish Wrongdoing

Allowance Syndrome: Govt to Revise Incentives, Punish Wrongdoing

We will revise incentives, but punish wrongdoers

Government will, as part of its drive to curb corruption and a culture of allowance syndrome in the civil service, revise pay and other incentives.

Minister of Civic Education and National Unity Timothy Mtambo said this in a program held on iHubOnline Saturday evening to discuss the role of Civic Education in a pandemic.

Said Mtambo:

“Not that corruption is a result of low pay, but we would want to see better pay for our workers in government as we scale up our efforts to fight corruption and the so-called allowance syndrome.”

Mtambo was responding to calls for government to act on revelations that a huge chunk of resources allocated to fight the COVID-19 pandemic ended up in people’s pockets in the form of allowances.

The President is expected to address the nation on the way forward in his next COVID-19 weekly address.

Speaking earlier, he warned heads would roll for the emerging pilfering in the wake of the pandemic.

So far, the office of the Ombudsman has released a detailed report on how COVID-19 funds were abused during the first wave of the pandemic but remedial action is yet to meted to the full extent.

Donor partners who have poured a large part into the country’s COVID-19 response resource basket say are following the ongoing probe “with keen interest”.

To watch the program that streamed live click here.

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