Ansah Tells PAC Tippex Upheld Electoral Law

Ansah Tells PAC Tippex Upheld Electoral Law

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Justice Dr. Jane Ansah has insisted that use of correctional fluid tippex actually helped the electoral body to uphold the law, dismissing assertions that this was an anomaly.

“Actually, the use of tippex helped us uphold the electoral law,” she told the Public Appointments Committee hearing at the Parliament Building in Lilongwe.

Ansah: We Followed Due Process

However, five High Court judges assigned to sit as a Constitutional Court in Lilongwe rubbished the use of the correctional fluid blaming it for the widespread irregularities during the elections.

The judges observed that use of correctional fluid is not recommended even in line with international accounting principles for transparency and accountability’s sake.

“No altered results were used but corrected results,” Ansah insisted.

The MEC Chairperson also rubbished the BDO auditors report, alleging it contains wrong information.

The Jordan-based audit firm BDO was hired by the United Nations Development Program as support to MEC on the 21st May polls.

The report indicated that 24% of tally sheets for the presidential vote were tippexed, 6% manually manipulated, another 6 % had signatures of political party representatives missing of the 60 percent tally sheets audited.

The BDO report was critical during the presidential elections case.

The report indicated that tally sheets for 1,120, 104 votes had no signatures.

At least 524,340 cast votes are known to have been tippexed according to the BDO report.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) says the Shutdown MEC protests will proceed tomorrow as planned unless Dr. Ansah and other Commissioners resign.

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