As COVID-19 Stats Surge, Chakwera Urges Caution

As COVID-19 Stats Surge, Chakwera Urges Caution

President Lazarus Chakwera has called on citizens to strictly adhere to COVID-19 prevention measures as the case and death toll continue to be on an increasing trajectory.

The president said this Sunday evening during his weekly COVID-19 update.

Made the Plea

“In the past 7 days, we have confirmed a total of 6,675 new infections, which is an average of 953 confirmed infections per day,” said the president.

He observed that the latest statistics meant that the
average daily number of new infections from the
past week had doubled, compared to the figures recorded in the previous week.

Said the president:

In the past 7 days, the daily average number of Covid-19 deaths was more than double what it was the previous week.

He noted that Covid-19 deaths in the seven days between January 10th and 16th were 80, but in the seven days between January 17th and yesterday (Saturday), the total was 170.

“The continued rise in new infections and new deaths
over the past week means that we are still in the eye of the pandemic’s storm,” he warned.

He also said the continued cases and deaths meant that the presidential decree issued recently must continue to be enforced “with uncommon speed” to help suppress the rate of new cases and deaths.

The president said the ministry of finance had
complied with his directive to release K 17.52 billion for urgent use in responding to the new wave of infections and hospitalizations.

He said, meanwhile, procurement of essential commodities is in process.

He said the Department of Disaster Management
Affairs in his office of Friday issued further instructions to the bank to transfer the funds to the following ten
clusters: Health, Education, Information, Water
Development, Lands, Police Service, Prison Service,
National Intelligence, Irrigation, and Gender and
Social Welfare.

Chakwera warned:

I wish to state that the heads of these clusters will be required to submit to my office and release to the public a report of their expenditures every week.

He further stated that he will immediately deal with any cluster that fails to issue its report or any cluster that is found to be engaging in wasteful conduct.

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