As Judgement Day Looms, Chakwera Urges For Peace

As Judgement Day Looms, Chakwera Urges For Peace

Chakwera: Be Still!

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarus Chakwera has called on Malawians to respect the court’s decision on the presidential elections case.

Flanked by People’s Party (PP) President Joyce Banda at a press briefing held in Lilongwe today, Chakwera said the country’s peace will largely depend on their reaction to the court ruling.
“Because of that (voting), you have fixed your unblinking gaze on the Constitutional Court to deliver its independent and impartial ruling on the credibility, legality and validity of the presidential election. And now, all of us as a nation stand in the valley of the Court’s decision, for at any moment during the next 10 days, the five judges will emerge from their conclave to mete out justice,” said Chakwera. 
Constitutional Court judges are in the process of formulating their judgement on a matter the MCP and UTM presidents Chakwera and Saulosi Chilima respectively challenged the victory of DPP’s Peter Mutharika.
“I urge all Malawians to respect and welcome the ruling which will be delivered by the constitutional court on the presidential elections case. We have only one Malawi we call home,” he observed. 
Chakwera’s speech, which lasted for about 10 minutes, focused on appealing for peace, steering clear of other controversial issues.
However, in a rather indirect manner, he expressed regrets that some people had attempted to bribe 5 judges assigned to the case.
Thousands Protested
The MCP leader has hailed the military, courts, Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), civil servants and Malawians for staying calm in the midst of trying times. During the course of the controversial trial, Malawians took to the streets in protests organized by the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) and endorsed by the opposition political parties including the MCP.
Judgement is expected by 3 February, 2020 latest.

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