Chakwera Gives Kudos to COVID-19 Private Citizens Fundraiser

Chakwera Gives Kudos to COVID-19 Private Citizens Fundraiser

President Lazarus Chakwera has hailed the Private Citizens Covid-19 Initiative, saying it has shown the civil service how to conduct transparent business.

The Malawi leader made the commendation during his penultimate COVID-19 weekly update at the Kamuzu Palace on Sunday.


“It is in this spirit of hope that I want to thank the Covid-19 Response by Private Citizens, which closes its fundraising initiative tonight, as well as other private initiatives all over the country, for demonstrating what
it means to not give in to despair in times of crisis,” he said.

Chakwera added:

“In fact, I commend them for the example they have set toother citizens of how to be part of the solution instead of thinking that Government has all the solutions, as well as the example they have set to those in the Civil Service of how to render a public service in a manner that is accountable and collaborative.”

The President expressed optimism that the taskforce that established by Dr. Saulos Chilima during the past week to review and redesign the Civil Service towards greater efficiency and accountability will draw lessons from private sector initiatives like these.

According to Lead Fundraiser Stanley Onjezani Kenani, a Malawian accountant-cum-writer based in France, the team raised about K200 million a period of about 5 weeks.

“We are just grateful that all has gone well. None of us had done anything of this sort. We did not plan, had no money, and we had to plan as we implemented. On the main, we were lucky. Our team was extremely dedicated and selfless. Everyone gave their best,” Kenani told iHubOnline immediately after the presidential address.

Kenani: Led Citizen Action Against COVID-19

Meanwhile, President Chakwera has said he will hold one more address on the Covid-19 pandemic, “until further notice”.

He added:

“In my next Covid-19 update, which will be my last until
further notice, I will outline the measures my Administration has developed to cushion the poor against the economic aftershocks of the pandemic, to revitalize the business sector, and to get us back on track with our agenda for transforming our country.”

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