China Aids Malawi in COVID-19 Fight

China Aids Malawi in COVID-19 Fight

China has earmarked for donation some medical equipment to Malawi to help the country prevent coronavirus, as the disease spreads across Africa.

The Chinese Ambassador to Malawi, Liu Hong Yong, made the announcement of the donation Friday during a press briefing in Lilongwe.

Chinese Envoy: Made the Announcement

Yong said currently 171 countries have been infected by the pandemic across the world, and only 22 countries, including Malawi remain untouched by the virus that shaken up the world.

“Realising that Malawi has weak health systems, and has no resources to prevent COVID-19, we have decided to donate test kits, face masks, protective shoes and clothes, among others, to keep the country safe from the pandemic,” he said.

Yong added that they believe that with those items, Malawi government will be able to test its citizens and identify infected people and, most of all, keep the country free from the virus.

He said China will also donate similar materials to other African countries.

Africa: Not Spared

Yong said his country has been doing a lot to help in the fight against the novel coronavirus, including the shutdown of Wuhan City, saying the country will continue fighting against the disease in all the affected and unaffected countries in the world.

He appealed to Malawi government to keep monitoring people coming into the country through airports and land borders so that no one infected with the pandemic should enter the country unnoticed.

“I also appeal to Malawians to keep taking precautionary measures so that the country can remain free from COVID-19,” Yong said.

Coronavirus started in December in Wuhan City in China and has been spreading to other countries across the world ever since.

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