CMST for Integrated Medicine Supply Chain

CMST for Integrated Medicine Supply Chain

The Central Medical Stores Trust (CMST) says is geared towards integration of the country’s medical supply chain in a bid to enhance efficiency in the organization’s service delivery.

Notable Improvements Achieved – Singo

 CMST Board Chairperson Hilda Singo said this on Thursday during the institution’s annual stakeholders review meeting in Lilongwe.

 “In the past year, CMST worked on settling two items. Firstly, it was migration from the old Management Information System. Secondly, we’re working on integrating all parallel supply chains into a single national one,” said Singo.

 She said in the year gone by, the organization achieved greater milestones in improving service delivery.

 She observed that inventory accuracy, product availability and delivery conformance have seen some semblance of stabilization. 

 According to Singo, inventory accuracy is now at 86%, product availability is at 70% and delivery conformance stands at 91%.

 In integrating the supply chain, all pharmaceutical products coming into the country through public procurement or donations under various programs will be managed through the CMST.

 Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Services in the Ministry of Health Godfrey Kadewere acknowledged strides made in ensuring adequate supply of medicines in public health facilities despite some challenges. 

Challenges Abound

“Admittedly, the continued increase in the country’s population continues to place a strain on the supply-demand of pharmaceutical products in public health facilities. However, in terms of availability, we have tremendously improved,” said Kadewere.

 The CMST is a state entity established to ensure efficient procurement and supply of medicines and other pharmaceutical products in public and other health facilities in the country.

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