Commentators Speak Out On Bishop Nkosi’s Revelations

Commentators Speak Out On Bishop Nkosi’s Revelations

Appearing before the Public Appointments Committee (PAC) of Parliament today, Bishop Mary Nkosi made damning revelations: revealing how the country’s electoral body diverted from normal routines.

As we reported earlier on, chief among the damning revelations by Commissioner Bishop Nkosi was that MEC Chairperson Justice Dr. Jane Ansah did not, allegedly, consult her and other Commissioners on some critical issues.

And the reactions to her damning revelations have been coming hard and fast.

Bishop Nkosi: Frank Talk

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has been calling for the resignation of the MEC commissioners, especially its chairperson Jane Anash, since last year.

The grouping has actually hinted that it will lead another wave of Anti-Jane Ansah nationwide demonstrations starting Thursday, which will see protesters seal off MEC offices.

And here is how HRDC’s Vice Chairperson Gift Trapence stressed that despite insisting on staying at MEC, the Commissioners had outlived their welcome.

He argues that for as long as they remain at the Electoral body, electoral justice of Malawians will be on suspension.

Justice Suspended

“Malawians are vindicated. This is coming from their own Commissioner. The commissioners should just resign, including the CEO and MEC management. They should not waste our time.”

“We need a new commission to be constituted so that they can have ample time to prepare for the fresh elections. We know they don’t want to resign because they want their terminal benefits. You cannot refuse to give justice to citizens because you want terminal benefits when you are the ones who have brought the injustice,” added Trapence.

On his part renowned lawyer Justin Dzonzi observed that Nkosi’s testimony could be a sign that things were not being done the right way at MEC.

“It confirmed the suspicions that MEC chair had been making unilateral decisions without collegiality which is a breach of corporate governance principle that power vests in the organ and not individual and only when exercises collectively, individual decisions are invalid,” said Dzonzi.

Political Analyst Ernest Thindwa weighed in on the remarks by fellow analysts.

“Her response is shocking but may be not surprising at least for those that have followed court proceedings. It reveals the extent of systematic attempt to circumvent people’s will.The conscious disregard for the law is disturbing and requires that criminal charges be leveled against those that willfully took action to circumvent the will of the people of sanity is to be restored at MEC and in the wider civil service,” said Thindwa.

Now it remains to be seen how the MEC appeal against the ruling by the Constitutional Court will pan out with these revelations by Bishop Nkosi – and others to follow.

At the time of filing this report, Commissioner Ivy Mtafu was appearing before the Public Appointments Committee of Parliament.

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