Coronavirus: Government Touts Resilient Preventive Measures

Coronavirus: Government Touts Resilient Preventive Measures

As the world grapples with coronavirus, Malawi’s Special Committe on Coronavirus says has put in place systems and structures to ensure country is free from the pandemic.

Chairperson of the Committee, who is also the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr Dan Namarika, said this in Lilongwe during a press briefing on the pandemic.

He said the committee is working tirelessly to make sure coronavirus does not find its way into country by making sure everyone who has signs of the disease and everyone entering the country through airports and borders is monitored and tested.

Namarika: Measures in Place

Dr. Namarika said they have adequate equipment to test people for the disease, saying they would want the test kits to be available everywhere in the country.

“We will make sure that inmates in prisons and patients are protected by not allowing a lot of people to visit them, and make sure they take precautionary measures before meeting with them,” he said.

He added that they are also looking into ways of controlling crowds in places like markets so that the disease doesn’t spread.

On the part of the 4 Chinese whom court ordered not to be deported back to their country, he said they are not a threat “because the Chinese are most compliant with the precautionary measures”.

He further appealed to Malawians to report to necessary authorities like the police and hospitals people who just came back from other countries and showing signs of the disease so that they can be tested.

Dr. Namarika then asked Malawians to take responsibility and adhere to the orders given by the president to avoid being in crowded places and taking precautionary measures to keep Malawi safe from the disease.

Currently, there is no coronavirus case in the country as all the people that have been tested came out negative.

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