Coronavirus: Malawi Lists 19 Nations for Quarantine

Coronavirus: Malawi Lists 19 Nations for Quarantine

Malawi has joined other African states in imposing far-reaching restrictions in an attempt to prevent a major outbreak of coronavirus in the country.

In a statement released today, government has released names of countries whose travellers will be required to undergo 14 day quarantine once they arrive in the country.

Health Checks Intensified

The statement from the Capital Hill has indicated that this is a preventive measure to contain the spread of a deadly Coronavirus into the country.

Meanwhile, cases of the Coronavirus have been reported in Tanzania, South Africa, Eswathini, Kenya, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, among others.

Travelers from China, Italy, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Republic of Korea, Germany, France, Spain, USA, Swirtzerland, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Austria, Japan, Finland and Greece will be required to stay out of reach of the general population for 14 days upon arriving in Malawi.

“The travellers will be followed up by surveillance team for 14 days, in the event they develop any signs/symptoms they will be moved to an isolation facility for treatment, otherwise, they will be released from quarantine on the 14 day assessment,” reads the statement.

Former Minister of Health and Population Jappie Mhango, who until cabinet dissolution was chairperson of the special Cabinet Committee on Coronavirus is on record to have said that government had put in place several measures in preparation for the disease and is closely monitoring the situation.

Mhango told the media that government has set aside a budget of K2.4 billion to help in preparation to control the outbreak.

Meanwhile, following the dissolution of cabinet, state house Presidential Spokesperson Mgeme Kalirani has reassured that the special cabinet committee on coronavirus remains in force.

“Ministries are still there and it is only Ministers that have gone. Membership to the committee is not the minister who holds the office but the ministry,” explained Kalirani.

Meanwhile, Paramount Chief M’mbelwa of Mzimba has pleaded with government to institute a travel ban to and from South Africa in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic.

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