COVID-19: China Charms CHAM Facilities with PPEs

COVID-19: China Charms CHAM Facilities with PPEs

The People’s Republic of China has donated Personal Protective Equipments(PPEs) to Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM).

CHAM: Shot in the arm

The resources which include facemasks and thermometers were handed over yesterday at the Chinese Embassy in Lilongwe.

Speaking during the handover, Chinese Deputy Ambassador to Malawi, Wang Xiusheng,  said they have donated to respond to lack of PPEs in the country’s health facilities.

He added that there is need to work together in fighting against the pandemic.

“China will continue helping Malawi in fighting COVID19 by providing PPEs among others, ” added Xiusheng.

In his remarks, Executive Director for CHAM, Happy Makala said the donation has come at the right time.

He said the PPEs will help health workers to work safely as they will be protected from contracting COVID 19.

“The donated equipment will help resolve some challenges faced by CHAM facilities,” said Makala.

Makala then assured the Chinese Embassy that the donation will be put to the intended use.

He added by calling upon other donors to come to the rescue of the country’s health facilities to boost their preparedness to curb COVID-19.

Makala expressed gratitude to the Malawi government for the partnership over the years.

He also asked government to boost up its support to CHAM facilities saying they need increased assistance.

Chief Director in the Ministry of Health responsible for Safe Motherhood and Maternal Health, Ethel Kapyepye, said the PPEs  will support the strengthening of the health system in the country.

” I urge CHAM to put the donation to good use. You should also dispose off of used PPEs responsibly,” she cautioned.

Currently, Malawi has 284 registered COVID19 cases including 4 deaths and 42 recoveries.

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