COVID-19: Education Sector Under Siege

COVID-19: Education Sector Under Siege

Government has conceded that the new wave of COVID-19 has hit the education sector the hardest.

This was revealed during a press briefing held by the Presidential Taskforce on Coronavirus Thursday.

The committee acknowledged that COVID-19 has hit all the three sectors of education from primary, secondary and tertiary education.

Speaking during a Press Conference held at Capital Hotel in Lilongwe, Minister of Education Agness NyaLonje said the secondary school sector is the hardest hit.

NyaLonje: Education Sector Hit Hard

“About 18 learner’s in Private and Public Primary schools and 23 members of staff have tested positive to Covid-19,” said Nyalonje.

She further said 144 students, 15 teachers and one Bursar have tested positive to the virus in secondary schools.

The Minister further said that 19 members of staff from various Universities and 8 students have tested positive for the COVID-19.

Meanwhile, there is mixed reactions on whether schools should be closed or not.

While others think the students might spread the virus far and wide, others are suggesting that isolation centres be established at the affected schools or institutions.

The Taskforce is, however, noncommittal on whether schools will be shut or will open isolation centres to avoid spread of the disease to their respective communities.

An update will be provided Friday during another press conference.

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