COVID-19: Government Hits Back at SKC

COVID-19: Government Hits Back at SKC

Government has hit back at Vice President Saulos Chilima for criticising the ways its handling the management of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

On Wednesday, Chilima raised a number of criticisms against the Mutharika led response against the disease, caused by the Coronavirus.

Among other things, the second citizen asked President Mutharika to make salary increment to all health workers and provide enough resources to health sector, where he made a revelation that most workers in the sector are not well equipped.

The Vice President also told journalists that Malawi is not well equipped in the fight against the pandemic.

SKC: Government not serious on COVID-19

Furthermore, he alleged that government through a special cabinet committee on coronavirus is not telling the truth about its state of preparedness.

So far, government has announced that it has raised 9% of resources required.

Over K250 billion is required to fight the disease in the country in the long term.

Responding to Chilima’s assertions, Minister of Information Mark Botomani described the remarks as cheap politics.

He said that government is committed to ensuring that all the resources earmarked for the program, are directly being channeled to actual intervention measures.

What’s required for Malawi to fight COVID-19

Botomani underscored that, contrary to Chilima’s remarks, government is fully prepared and equipped to fight the disease which has created unprecedented crisis across the world which needs extraordinary measures.

“All health workers are being oriented, equipped and supported in the course of preventing the spread of the virus in the country” said Botomani.

Botomani: It’s all politics

The Minister described Chilima’s sentiments as aggravating, saying he is being ill-advised on how the government is handling the crisis.

He said that government is already working on everything Chilima said during his press briefing.

Botoman further said that government cannot channel the additional funds to Malawi Enterprise Development Funds saying providing such loans to the underprivileged government is demonstrating its willingness to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor.

“It is the dream of (President) Mutharika that we lift our people from poverty into the middle class then eventually upper class. By providing significant resources to the public through MEDF,” stressed the Minister.

Meanwhile, ministry of Health and Population Principle Secretary Dan Namarika has announced that in the past 24 hours Malawi has not recorded any positive case on covid-19.

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