COVID-19: Malawi Embraces Pandemic-Ready Planning

COVID-19: Malawi Embraces Pandemic-Ready Planning

In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Malawi has resolved to embrace a pandemic readiness planning approach.

Director General of the National Planning Commission Dr. Thomas Munthali said this on Thursday when his organisation launched a virtual consultation process on development with the Malawian youth.

Malawi for Pandemic Ready Planning

Dr. Munthali observed that Malawi is aligning its development strategic goals while planning for eventualities.

“It’s no longer only about COVID-19. It’s now about any other pandemic. The agenda will be championed through the national digital strategy which is under development,” said Dr. Munthali.

He added that the digital strategy will put in place robust systems to enable efficient and productive work online despite the country experiencing a pandemic.

Dr. Munthali also emphasised that the institution’s desire for reaching out to the youth through social media aims at keeping the curve flat.

“By reaching the youths where they spend most their time, we are certain we would be able to engage them in shaping the agenda 2064,” he added.

In her remarks, Co-Chairperson of the Youth Core Advisory Panel of the NPC Madalitso Chipekwe said the youth have the opportunity to thrive in the wake of the pandemic due to their access to technology.

“Technology is a phenomenon that we can use to shape the future we yearn for. Every sector is influenced by technology and we need to enhance our technological know-how to capitalise on this,” she added.

NPC Embraces Live Streaming for Consulting Youths

The NPC virtual consultative livestream – produced by iHubOnline – was hosted by music maestro Lulu, aka Lawrence Khwisa, on both iHubOnline and NPC Facebook Pages.

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