COVID-19 Pulse Hits Malawi Before First Case

COVID-19 Pulse Hits Malawi Before First Case

Malawi has started to feel the pinch of the deadly COVID-19 “long before” its declared to have arrived on her shores as the Peace Corps just announced withdrawal of volunteers across Malawi.

A statement posted on the Peace Corps Facebook page says the organisation has begun evacuating volunteers from all posts across Malawi due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

US Volunteers Withdrawn

“Peace Corps is not closing its post in Malawi, and will be ready to return to normal operations when conditions permit,” reads the post.

iHubOnline understands that, according to information sourced from official records, at least 116 volunteers are being withdrawn as a result of the suspension.

The volunteers were deployed across the health, education and environmental sectors.

The statement further reads that local staff will continue their employment with Peace Corps Malawi.

Currently, Malawi has not reported a case of the novel Coronavirus but travellers from 19 countries including the US,  where the volunteers come from, are being subjected to a 14-day mandatory self-quarantine before being allowed into the public.

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