G77, China Want COP 25 to Focus On Technology Transfer, Adaptation

G77, China Want COP 25 to Focus On Technology Transfer, Adaptation

The 25th Conference of Parties (COP 25) kicked off on Monday in Madrid, Spain with Chairperson of the G 77 and China Ammar Hijazi calling on countries to discuss more on adaptation initiatives, financing and technology transfer other than mitigation.
Hijazi delivered the statement on behalf of 135 developing countries that advance collective economic interests and create an enhanced joint negotiating capacity in the United Nations (UN).
Reads the statement : ” Adaptation is a key priority climate action for developing countries reeling from the socio-economic, developmental, and environmental impacts, losses, and damages arising from climate change. This means that the outcome of COP25 must not be mitigation-centric. There must be substantive discussions at this COP on the adaptation, to ensure that the role of adaptation in addressing climate change is promoted and supported.”
The block also wants countries to come out clear on how the Paris Agreement will be domesticated.
The statement further states that countries must quickly review the national plans also refereed to as Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to enhance ambitions towards climate action.
“For the G77, success at this COP will be determined by whether or not the rules, mechanisms, processes, procedures, and support measures that might be agreed on will enable all Parties to contribute more effectively and ambitiously in terms of nationally-determined contributions and help developing countries to better adapt, address loss and damage, and continue to pursue and fulfill our right to sustainable development” the statement further reads.
It also points out that many developed countries have not lived up to existing national reporting requirements and therefore no information is available on what they have done to reduce their green house gas emissions.
The group has also described the first USD 9.7 billion Green Climate Fund replenishment by developed countries as below the required USD10.2 billion initial pledge and short of what developing countries need in order to enhance their climate actions through NDCs,
The group further regrets that countries such as the US have pulled out of the Paris Agreement at time when the world needed more action and commitments from them.
“It is therefore deeply regrettable that a developed Party responsible for emitting almost one- fifth of current annual global emissions and is historically responsible for almost one- third of cumulative historical global emissions, has chosen to withdraw from the Paris Agreement” the statement reads.

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