iHub is Finally Going Live!

iHub is Finally Going Live!

In the next few days, weeks or months, people will be sharing and talking about content sourced iHubOnline.net. This is good news to all of us who have worked hard to see this dream come to fruition.

In this era of the internet, lies and half truths are being peddled at the click of a button by anyone pretending to have journalistic prowess. As professional journalists, we are also aware of the threats presented to our profession by the collapse of the barriers to entry into the media ownership space as a result of the technological advances.

We come here not to compel anyone’s opinion to silence. We come here to set an example: an example that the power of the media (social media included), as aided by the technology of the internet, should not be limited to creating mischief but sharing information that ends ignorance or, indeed, mischief created among us.

As we start publishing, we take cognizance of the fact that truth is not absolute. We realize that there are different dimensions to the truth – the actual truth, the known truth and the portrayed truth.

The actual truth is that which actually happened. The known truth is that known to have happened whilst the portrayed truth is that which parties to an occurrence would like us to know happened while exercising discretion on the slant, dosage and tone.

We hold all sides of the truth sacrosanct. However, we have taken a deliberate stance to pursue the actual truth while acknowledging the known truth as well as the perceived truth.

For example, if we have sufficient grounds to believe that some individuals are involved in a shoddy deal, we will investigate to know the actual truth. We will seek documents and we will confirm the story. But that’s not all. We will also attempt to get to hear the known truth about the alleged messy deal and reach out to those involved or implicated to tell their side of the story. This is the journalism we pledge to uphold.

In discussing the news discourse, you cannot leave out issues of timeliness, objectivity, fairness and others. We, however, resist the temptation to confine our stories to only now and today. Rather, we look beyond the trending narratives. We place emphasis on information dissemination. Our uniqueness is in our different approaches. We will try and provide information that you will not be able to access anywhere else.

As such, we shall attempt to pursue stories that are rarely told. We want to give you reason to come for more.

As the name suggests, iHubOnline, is designed to create an information hub. Reliability, verifiability and dependability are our cardinal tenets.

So far, attempts have been made to create partnerships with other players in a quest to create long lasting collaborations and synergies to ensure that we achieve such tenets.

We have reached out to reputable institutions such as the International Consortium for Investigative Journalism (ICIJ), Centre for Investigative Journalism in Malawi and other individual journalists locally and abroad.

Our request is for support to ensure that our journalism is not compromised. The support has been overwhelming so far.

This publication is owned by professional journalists. There is no intention of being brand ambassadors of any other institution – political, commercial, religious or otherwise.

At iHub, we value our independence more than anything else. We pledge to be driven by a desire to inform the world nothing but the truth. Without prejudice to our own prejudices and biases, we pledge to declare conflict of interest when we find ourselves in an awkward space. We undertake to invite third party colleagues to deliver on our behalf when such occasions arise.

Finally, iHub has not been created to be a platform for prurient journalism practice. Neither has this platform been created to sing praises – if at all, at least not without solid basis! We know we will not be liked by some. That is alright.

For your own information, we have already created “enemies” in your midst. This does not render our resolve for the truth any weaker. If anything, our loyalty lies in telling the truth. If you are not on the side of the truth, you surely do not belong on our side.

We pledge to never exaggerate or discredit anyone. We promise to only tell the facts as they are, keeping back nothing. And mind you, sometimes facts seem exaggerated or discrediting. We urge you to read outside the scope of your own biases, as much as we do our journalism beyond our own biases and prejudices. This, we believe, is the real morality of journalism, our journalism.


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