In Malawi, Eating Goes Digital

In Malawi, Eating Goes Digital

People are often glued to their screens of their internet enabled mobile or desktop gadgets for the better part of the day. Some can’t help but skip meals as they socialise or work to meet deadlines.

But time to starve whilst online could now be a thing of the past as a local online shopping firm, Hashmar Shoppings, has introduced a new digital platform for ordering food.

According to the Sales and Marketing Executive for Hashmar Food Express Kattie Kondowe, Hashmar food Express is a digital platform which allows customers to get their ordered food ordered online delivered at their doorstep.

Food Ordering Made Easy

She said through their research, people spend a lot of time just queuing for food instead of doing some other productive tasks.

She added that the platform saves more hours that a person can spend by looking and queuing for food in a restaurant.

“In Malawi, on average, a person spends 238 hours per year waiting for food in a restaurant. That’s minus 60 hours he/she spends per year in search of food outlet. Imagine, spending 10 days per year in your lifetime looking for quality food when you can do it at your fingertips?,” she observed.

The App, called Hashmar Food Express, is already available on Google Play Store.

“You just download the app from Google Play Store, signup, check your nearest restaurant, place an order and the food will be delivered to you by our riders at your place,” said Kondowe.

Currently, the accepted mode of payment is Cash On Delivery and that the company is exploring more payment options.

Our App Saves Time, Encourages Efficiency

“By March, we will also have our iOS app (for Apple products) ready because currently we have an Android version only. We will also launch the website soon so that people can be able to order food from the website as well. It’s our aim to reach everyone, wherever they may be within our areas of operation,” Kondowe added.

Currently, the service is available in Blantyre and Lilongwe but will soon extend to other parts of the country.

Currently, the service is available for Kips restaurants, Mugg & Bean and Hotspot Restaurant in Blantyre. In Lilongwe, there is Marylane and Lalala.

The service will soon extend to Amaryllis Hotel (all restaurants), Victoria Gardens (all restaurants), Krazy Foods and numerous others.

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