Kambala Chides Corrupt ESCOM Staff, Vandals

Kambala Chides Corrupt ESCOM Staff, Vandals

Ministry of Energy Newton Kambala has shown disappointment with the rise in vandalism of electricity infrastructure in the country.

Kambala told Parliament yesterday that acts of vandalism are making it a challenge for Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) to catch up with electricity connections across the country.

Kambala: Corruption and Vandalism Retrogressive

“Instead of going forward to construct more transformers so that more people can get electricity connections, we end up going backwards to repair transformers in which copper and other materials have been stolen, ” he said.

He also worried of corruption is making some engineers to dubiously connect electricity from transformers that have reached their connection capacity.

This, he said, overload the transformers making them get damaged earlier.

He then appealed to Malawians to desist from vandalism and corruption saying it is making the country loose transformers everyday which is making it difficult for ESCOM which is already under alot of pressure in terms of resources.

” We have agreed with ESCOM that when they are installing new transformers, they need to reinforcing the earthing materials in concrete so that they should not be stolen or vandalized,” said Kambala.

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