Lady Mutharika Gets Chinese Doctorate, Finally

Lady Mutharika Gets Chinese Doctorate, Finally

Beijing, China: Malawi’s First Lady Gertrude Mutharika has finally accepted an honorary doctorate degree from China’s Peking University of Public Health for her role in public health.
The honorary degree she accepted on Tuesday was conferred on her in 2017.
Dr. Mutharika!
According to Xhinua News Agency, Mutharika accepted the invitation to visit China during the opening of Malawi’s teaching and research base for the Peking University in Lilongwe some two years ago.
She is now the University’s School of Public Health emissary, serving as an honorary professor of global health.
Health minister Jappie Mhango and deputy education minister Martha Ngwira were among those airlifted as part of the delegation to witness the ceremony in China.
Back at home, the First Lady is involved in work to promote fertility and fight stigma associated with infertility through use of advanced innovations in medicine.
She is championing the cause as an ambassador of the Merck More than a Mother Initiative in Malawi.
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  • Mauluka , December 4, 2019 @ 12:28 pm

    So pathetic that we tolerate this mediocrity and allow our taxes to be wasted for such useless trips.

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