Malawi Shines in Arresting Poaching Scourge

Malawi Shines in Arresting Poaching Scourge

Amid growing poaching and the threat of extinction for some animal species in Malawi, government says measures implemented to arrest the problem in the past have, so far, shown signs of being effective.

 Malawi’s Director of National Parks and Wildlife Brighton Kumchedwa has described the year just gone by as a success in curbing wildlife crimes.

Poachers: Dealt With

 Kumchedwa also observes that tourism traffic increased in the past year.

 Animals, mostly Elephants and Rhinos, are killed for their ivory which is believed to contain some medicinal elements in some parts of Asia, including China.

 Over a dozen Chinese nationals have been embroiled in poaching and externalization of ivory from Malawi.

Kumchedwa took to social media, posting on Facebook and Twitter respectively about strides made by the country.

 Kumchedwa also heralded the receipt of a small aircraft from Peace Parks Foundation as a major milestone in the just-ended year.

 Britain is Malawi’s major ally in the fight against poaching. 

Malawi Made Positive Strides in 2019

 Despite the marked successes, Kumchedwa said conflicts between humans in Vwaza, Kasungu, Nkhotakota and Liwonde remained a worrying trend.

 Some Quick Facts:

 1. 36,000 Elephants Killed Annually 

2. Ivory Trafficking Trebled in Past Decade

3. Malawi’s Elephant Population Dropped by 71 % Between 2002 & 2006

4. 1 Elephant is Worth 76 Dead Jumbos

5. 90% Proceeds Funding Illicit Activities

6. Elephants Could Be Extinct By 2025 If Poaching is Unchecked

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