MHRC Wants Oversight On COVID-19 Funds Expenditure

MHRC Wants Oversight On COVID-19 Funds Expenditure

Watch Over COVID-19 Funds

The Malawi Human Rights Commission(MHRC) has weighed in on the need for oversight bodies to be equipped to monitor the usage of COVID-19 funds in the country.

This follows the questions and concerns from different stakeholders as the clusters responsible for managing the K 6.2 billion Kwacha meant to be used in the fight against the pandemic are at pains to liquidate their overall expenditure.

In a statement released yesterday by the Executive Secretary, Habiba Osman, the Commission states that the recent revelations of alleged abuse of the funds are “unacceptable”.

The commission further calls for thorough and timely findings of such accounts and that decisive actions should be taken when irregularities are found.

Reads the statement:

“The commission demands that every Kwacha of those funds be transparently accounted for to the public without delay. This will restore trust and confidence in the public on how the funds were used and how the remaining funds will be used.”

The commission also demands that government should conduct a transparent audit on the funds to ensure rights are not being violated due to abuse of the funds and if found, all the culprits should be prosecuted.

Different stakeholders including organizations and individual citizens have also spoken on the matter.

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