Mpinganjira Ain’t Off-the-Hook Yet – ACB

Mpinganjira Ain’t Off-the-Hook Yet – ACB

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) will continue to pursue FDH boss Thom Mpinganjira who is suspected to have played a part in attempting to bribe high court judges assigned to the presidential elections case.

The business mogul was freed from police cell in circumstances that have prompted a controversy within another.

ACB Director Reyneck Matemba earlier today, Thursday, approached the High Court seeking a stay order to revive the quashed warrant of arrest.

However, Matemba’s wish was not possible as the case file yet to be couriered from Zomba.

Matemba’s Futile Trip

Registrar of the Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal and High Court Agness Patemba has said the application for a stay order which the Bureau sought today has been put on hold awaiting review of the file.

Mpinganjira was released at around midnight by Principal Resident Magistrate Ben Chitsakamile from the Zomba Magistrate Court.

Chitsakamire: Acted At Night

The ACB director has reiterated his stand to continue pursuing the matter so that Mpinganjira’s arrest should still stand.

The ACB awaits a judge to be assigned to the case once the controversial file arrives in Blantyre, sometime later today.

Meanwhile, Patemba has since hinted that preliminary observations are that the lower court may have erred.

Law Professor Garton Kamchedzera also raised similar sentiments describing the decision of the Zomba court “void, illegal and of no effect.”

The case will likely put the status of the country’s judiciary under the microscope amid rumors that the other suspected person is also from among them.

Ironically, the matter was reported to the ACB by the Chief Justice, leader of the Judiciary in Malawi, to the effect that some two people were allegedly offering some money to induce the 5 judges to go soft on a party that has not been mentioned yet.

However, Mpinganjira is strongly suspected to be sympathizer of the governing DPP.

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