Mtambo Blames Poor Civic Education Outcomes to Poor Funding

Mtambo Blames Poor Civic Education Outcomes to Poor Funding

Minister of Civic Education and National Unity, Timothy Mtambo, has said insufficient funding is hindering the achievement of his ministry’s mandate.

Mtambo said this in Parliament on Tuesday when he delivered a ministerial statement.

Mtambo: We Need More Money

He said civic education is expensive as there is always need to go on the ground and civic educate people.

He, however, lamented that the Ministry was given a minimal budget which is not enough.

He said there are alot of things that the Ministry want to achieve including civic educating Malawians on COVID19, corruption and also to implement the civic education policy among others.

“Our ministry was given about 600 Million which is not enough to even run a COVID-19 program, there are a lot of things the Ministry has to do which needs alot of funding and without that, alot will be a struggle to achieve, ” Mtambo said.

He then appealed to Treasury to make sure the Ministry is funded properly so that the work can be done in a successful way as expected.

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