Namadingo Ropes in Billy Kaunda in Latest Mash Up

Namadingo Ropes in Billy Kaunda in Latest Mash Up

While memories of music fans are still fresh of Patience Namadingo’s Mashup collaborations with Soldier Lucius Banda and the Lilongwe rural choir Mitengeli, the music maestro is at it again!

Namadingo is scheduled to release an audio and video mashup featuring legendary musician Billy Kaunda in what is being dubbed as “Mash Up Reggae Project” on 17 February 2020.

Namadingo: Facing BK

Billy shot to fame with songs including Zachabechabe, Agalatiya, Kumudima, Bwenzi Lokonda, Lupanga, Mundiwuze and many more.

According to Namadingo’s Marketing and Communications Manager Peter Mazunda, the reason behind featuring Billy is to take the audience down the memory lane.

“Billy is one of the musicians with a decorated career. Bringing him in this project is about to rekindling the golden old days when the artist was a great force in the music industry. It will also to offer an opportunity to the older generation to reminisce days they enjoyed beautiful compositions from this award winning artist,” said Mazunda.

Billy: Dishing Old Nice Oldies

Mash Up is an initiative of Patience Namadingo in which he collaborates with upcoming and veteran musicians to rendition popular songs in the reggae genre.

The audience is expressing excitement on the news as witnessed by the virality of the artwork of the mush up on social media platforms.

Mush Ups audios are produced by music trainer-cum-producer Moshu, while Peter Mazunda works on the videos.

Billy becomes the second legend to appear in Mash Up after Zembani’s Soldier Lucius Banda.

Other artists who have been featured include upcoming singers, Joe Kells and Jay Jay.

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