NICE Condemns Violence, Urges Peace

NICE Condemns Violence, Urges Peace

National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust has condemned political violence acts that have escalated across the country ahead of fresh presidential elections.

In a statement signed by NICE trust Executive Director Ollen Mwalubunju, the organisation has expressed dismay with an increase of election related violence.

Mwalubunju: For Issue-Based Campaign

The country has witnessed political related attacks across the country including the stoninng of presidential convoy in Ndirande, attack of vice president’ s convoy in Phalombe and the torching of UTM offices in Area 24 in Lilongwe leading to the death of 3 people.

Other areas where these acts have been witnessed include Mulanje, Balaka, Thyolo, Mponela in Dowa, Mzuzu and Rumphi.

Mwalubunju said that the Trust is also concerned of the use of verbal offensive content on podiums during campaign trails, where he said that political parties are breaching political party code of conduct signed by the Secretary Generals to uphold peace at all times.

“We condemn all sorts of political violence in any form and strongly appeal to political leaders to avoid castigating each other.

“Use of religion for campaign and utterances that have the potential of dividing people in Malawi should be avoided,” reads the statement.

The NICE Trust has, therefore, appealed to the presidential candidates of DPP-UDF alliance, Tonse alliance and all political parties to avoid recurrence of such unfortunate and uncalled for incidences.

Key Candidates: Focus on Issue-Based

“Recent reports of violence targeting running mates of the two major alliances in Malawi, continue to show that politicians are not adhering to the code of conduct and this is uncalled for.”

Meanwhile, Women Manifesto leader Barbra Banda has since asked political party leaders to be exemplary by desisting from engaging in physical and verbal violence and stick to issue based campaign.

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