SKC Accuses DPP of Unleashing Terror

SKC Accuses DPP of Unleashing Terror

State Vice President, who is also UTM leader, Saulos Chilima says President Peter Mutharika and his DPP are using violence to cling to power and as a form of rigging.

Chilima said this today during a press briefing in Lilongwe.

SKC: Alleges DPP is Perpetrating Violence on Opposition Members

He alleged that the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) is behind the burning of the party’s vehicle in Balaka and the beating of UTM monitors in Thyolo.

“The violent acts Mutharika is using to Cling to power show that he is an enemy of development,” he charged.

He added that Malawians are suffering because of Mutharika’s poor leadership which Favors only those who support him and his tribe.

Chilima described the violence and intimidation allegedly perpetrated by the DPP as a form of vote rigging.

He further asked his supporters to avoid fighting the DPP back using violence, urging them to report to the Police.

He said if DPP continues to threaten UTM supporters, they will report to the International Criminal Court so that justice should prevail.

Chilima continued to urge his supporters to Desist from devicive politics for a better Malawi.

DPP officials were yet to attend to our questions for response on the allegations made by Chilima.

Meanwhile, the UTM leader says they will unvail the UTMCP Alliance leader on Wednesday when they will be submitting their nomination papers.

He said it does not matter who will be the leader of the Alliance between him and MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera saying anyone of them can be the leader as long as DPP is voted out of power.

“We will have one leader, its either me or Dr Chakwera, there is no third person. The alliance is designed to promote unity among Malawians,” added Chilima.

He appealed to both MCP and UTM supporters to accept whoever will be the leader of the alliance because their aim is to achieve a better Malawi.

Malawi is scheduled to go to the polls on July 2nd following a court ruling ordering fresh polls after a finding of mass irregularities in last year’s vote.

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