SKC Urges Overhaul Change

SKC Urges Overhaul Change

State Vice President and UTM leader Saulos Chilima has urged Malawians to embrace overhaul change if the country’s democracy is to undergo genuine transformation.

He said most problems are continuing because most Malawians embrace raw deals, acknowledging the mediocre status quo as a norm.

The UTM leader said this during a rally held at Mzuzu Upper Stadium today.

“The main objective of the UTM is to make all citizens happy. These objectives are clearly outlined in our manifesto. But for such change to take place, we need to demand standard delivery and resist anything to the contrary,” he said.

The UTM leader took a swipe at the DPP for lifting some of the contents of the UTM’s manifesto.

“They have lifted some of our manifesto points. But they need to remove the President’s immunity to end corruption and construct crucial roads.

Change: Demand Better

“Otherwise it’s a mere attempt to be seen as doing something appealing to the general public,” he stressed, adding that only his party would be able to implement the changes as outlined in the party’s blueprint.

The DPP government recently abolished the controversial quota system and re-introduced the Junior Certificate of Education Examinations.

These points are well documented in the manifestos of the UTM and MCP.

“A lot of projects were promised here. Youth Centre, a major referral hospital, a university and roads. But nothing has materialised,” he stressed.

Speaking earlier, UTM Secretary General Patricia Kaliati went to town on DPP insiders, describing the party leadership’s decision to bring an outsider as a sign of Karma at work.

“Most of the leaders who played a role to push out Dr. Chilima to pave way for themselves have been sidelined again. This is a sign. God is on our side. The bomb has exploded,” she said.

She said the mere fact the DPP leadership continues to look outside the rank and file of the party tells a story of lack of leaders in the party.

A highlight of the Mzuzu rally was when AFORD returned to join forces with the UTM, effectively divorcing the UDF.

Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo also announced AFORD’s decision to break off its alliance with the UDF following the latters’ decision to enter into an alliance with the DPP.

UDF President Atupele Muluzi had opted for Mwenefumbo as his running mate in the disputed last year’s elections that were annulled on grounds of fraud and failure to follow electoral regulations.

Meanwhile, the UTM and MCP are in negotiations for a possible alliance in the wake of a decision to use the 50% plus 1 system in the fresh elections ordered by the Constitutional Court.

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