The Grace in Miracle Explodes in Namadingo Mash-Up

The Grace in Miracle Explodes in Namadingo Mash-Up

The newly released Grace Chinga Mash-Up featuring Mash-Up King Dr. Namadingo, Miracle Chinga and her sibling, Steve, is super melodic and out of this world!

It is electric and offers an opportunity to turn an otherwise underrated and belittled musician to instant stardom.

If at all it happens, the late Chinga has reason enough to turn with pride in her grave to the chiming and chirping rhymes of her melodic compositions being performed in a rendition that revives memories of her hay days.

The Mash-Up starts with ‘Mundisungire Korona’, Miracle dishing nothing but a miraculous voice punctuated with a striking semblance to her late mother’s voice.

For the first time listening to the song, one would erronously believe that Grace Chinga has resurrected. The Grace in Miracle is just so incredibly unbelievable!

Namadingo’s joining with the line “… palibe wondileketsa ntchito yanga ili mkati …” starts on a rather cold note, but you can be fooled to think the newly decorated doctor would maintain the rather sombre tone.

When Miracle starts to sing “Ena anayamba utumiki chifukwa cha ndeu…”, the Doc seems to be all warmed up, picking up to meet the songstress who has certainly come of age and is now ripe to inherit the golden mic left by her late mum.

When “Mundisungire Korona” returns, Miracle is ‘possessed’, yearning to dish out nothing but the best – a genuine reflection of her mother’s character on stage and in the studio.

When she tells Noah’s story, Miracle starts with a rather fast and high pitch, but Namadingo comes in to slow things with his trade mark, ‘namadimetrics‘, with Steve backing the duo as they segue to start “Sayang’ana nkhope”.

When Namadingo comes with “Palibe bwenzi loposa Yesu”, one would be fooled Miracle is out of breath, but nay, you ain’t heard her best yet!

She fuses her vocal beauty with her musical gestures that denotes not only being in the mood, but being on top of the music, lyric after lyric, verse after verse.

Steve comes in once in a while to back up the two, notably when the Mash-Up reaches “Wayalula”.

Still, the miraculous Miracle outshines; stealing the limelight with her stage work antics, particularly some that are reminiscent to those shown by Chinga Senior on those old videos that used to enjoy airplay on Music Splash on MBC.

Wait. When Miracle starts “Tsiku lina ndinadwala kwambiri mpaka zinthu zinafika poyipa … “, Namadingo and Steve returned, this time providing some tonic flavour to a song that has always been defined with a feminine touch.

Tapulumuka mwachisomo” offered another blending opportunity between the musicians, raising to the occassion to revive memories of one of the country’s greatest spiritual singers.

The Chinga Mash-Up musical video is a marvel to watch and the audio is a marvel to listen to; if not for the message, then for the appreciation of good music.

The Mash-Up gave Miracle a platform to show the world a pride she has become to her late mother.

She took charge of the choral and her stage work antics in front of the camera promised her shows are nothing but fireworks.

On this, Namadingo nearly became a by-stander on a platform that he is usually easily noticeable; but for his own unique touch to fit and blend in where most musicians would appear amateurish, the king of Mash-Up rose to the task.

Steve’s backing vocals added color to the Mash-Up. His voice added the pride to the departed mother; but over and above, Miracle has proven to be rippen.

Her outstanding performance might as well be something foreseen. It might be the very reason her parents named her that: Miracle!

You can watch the Mash-Up on Dr. Namadingo’s official Facebook  page here!

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