UTM, MCP Sign ‘Leaderless’ Deal

UTM, MCP Sign ‘Leaderless’ Deal

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and the UTM have committed to paper an electoral alliance deal leaving followers clueless on who will be the torch bearer of the alliance.

Speaking during the signing ceremony this afternoon, UTM President, who is also state vice president, Saulos Chilima said supporters should not focus on personalities.

Signed, sealed and delivered

“The deal has been signed. Now, the focus should be on the collective alliance leaders,  not individuals. At the right time, you will know the alliance leader. Whoever that will be, we should all give our support,” said Chilima.

Taking his turn to the podium, MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera reiterated Chilima’s call for a need to focus on the collective alliance leadership than individuals.

Chakwera took a swipe at President Peter Mutharika for clinging to power by undermining the courts and the people’s will.

He singled out the President’s decision to refuse to assent to the electoral bill as an impunity that will be judged by voters in the fresh polls due in about two months.

“If you are one of the voters in last year’s elections whose vote didn’t count because of the rigging, this alliance is yours. If you’re one of those who joined the protests for electoral justice, this alliance is yours. If you’re worried due to swindling service delivery in health and education, then this alliance is for you. And if you tired of Mutharika, this alliance is your solution,” Chakwera told the gathering.

“This month is a blessed month. This month has shown that there are people who have demonstrated that they put national interest above anything else,” Chakwera said while saluting his first vice president Sidik Mia for having demonstrated selflessness.

Apparently,  Mia – considered a strongman in the MCP – paved way to allow the party to enter into negotiations with the UTM, sacrificing his position in the process.

Mia: Hailed as Selfless Leader

The two parties have come together ahead of a fresh election ordered by the Constitutional Court following a ruling that the May 21 presidential vote was marred by irregularities.

In the fresh polls, an outright winner will need to amass vote surpassing the 50 percent threshold through the use of the 50 % +1 vote system.

Chakwera wrapped up his message by calling for Malawians to exercise caution to avert the spread of the COVID-19.

SKC, JB in Anti-Covid 19 Greeting

He demonstrated a new way of greeting with his alliance compatriot,  Chilima, urging party officials to take with them the message of preventing the deadly COVID-19 in the country.

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